Design Practice

Since 1990 I have produced visual communication work for a range of clients in the public and private sectors ranging from extreme sports to financial funds. Originally working with print based brand and promotion work an interest in computer animation in the mid 90s using Amiga computers led to early work in 3D animation and visualization alongside web based interaction design that led to my employment in Higher Education teaching these new industry skills.

In the late 90’s any web design work necessitated building web sites from scratch using HTML so client updates were only possible by myself. Later using PHP, database technologies and CSS I built Content Management Systems for my clients allowing the client to add and edit content with a consistent brand.

Now clients often request bespoke functionality from their websites and wish to link to existing database and information systems so I often advocate off the shelf systems such as WordPress or Drupal where bespoke designs can be applied to tried and tested infrastructures. Alternatively I have been employed to offer consultancy advice on how, and with whom, to implement web based strategies.

The use of Lightwave on Amiga computers in the early 90’s led to work producing architectural visualisations and technical consultancy with animation production companies alongside teaching these skills at University. Through the exploration of¬†game engines and 3D web technologies I have mixed interaction and spatial design as well as developing skills across multiple 3D formats, production software data visualisation and 3D printing.