Research has always had to be at the heart of my practice as exploring digital possibilities for visual communication has led my academic teaching within the fields of interaction design, computer animation and graphic design.

My Masters completed in 2002 was in digital games design examining online 3D environments developing my earlier interests in the developing role of 3D online multi-user environments before Second Life or World of Warcraft had become established.

As I had entered the academic field from industry due to my experimentation with digital communication technologies the need to understand not just the technology but how to teach it was imperative. This led to consultancy work and establishing the training needs for the developing digital media industry alongside the needs of my students.

I was director for The Digital Media Consortia aimed at bridging the divide between HE and industry through the development of DVD based training materials. These supported SME’s within the digital design sector covering  Design Fundamentals, Business & Management and Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation within digital design.

My PhD research was in the application of experiential systems within digital environments in order to investigate the implications of a users’ prior experiential learning upon the design and implementation of digital based immersive systems. Cultural differences in the way we interpret online 3D worlds offer possibilities for spatial design rules to inform design in both the real and virtual worlds.