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"From Inspiration to ISBN"

Sunday 5th  to

Friday 10th May

Ever dreamed of writing a novel? Publishing your own poetry? Taking on Roald Dahl in the mystifying and tantalising world of the short story? Maybe you want to develop a travel journal or write your memoirs. Welcome to "From Inspiration to ISBN", our annual 5-day creative writing course for aspiring writers of all ages and abilities, delivered by established author Susy McPhee and trainee publisher Helen Lewis at a stunning location in Plockton, Scotland. With impressive literary pedigrees as well as a wealth of training experience, Susy and Helen will inspire you to think creatively and unlock your writing potential.

Imagine having the opportunity to dedicate yourself fully to your writing in the peace and quiet of such an inspiring setting with none of the usual distractions that so easily take over your life.

Imagine spending a week in a community of like-minded people who feel as passionate about writing as you do. Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel from challenging yourself to master new skills and techniques, and achieving results you’ve only ever dreamed of.

Whether you’re just getting started or want to build on existing skills, you’ll find our course uplifting, inspiring, hard work and, above all, a lot of fun.

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